Earthquake Proofing Your Art Work

Jul 30, 2019 | Art Installation, Mirrors, Photo Frames

You live in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area – are you ready for the next quake? Have you earthquake proofed your hanging art work?

Even a small earthquake can severely damage your hanging pictures, mirrors and artwork and possibly injure anyone nearby. It is never to late to be prepared and here are a few suggestions to prepare your hanging pictures and artwork for the next quake:

  1. Use earthquake hangers.  These will protect your pictures from coming off the hook.
  2. Avoid framing with glass – shattered glass can ruin your pictures / artwork and cause injury to anyone nearby.
  3. Use no-shatter material such as glazing substitutes or acrylic instead of glass.
  4. Use high quality hanging wire and hardware.
  5. Make sure you have photos and appraisals for any valuable artwork that may be damaged.
  6. Hire a professional art installer if unsure how to do any of the above.

Questions? Need Help?  Give us a call.  We would love to help you prepare: 415.922.6811


Earthquake Proof Picture Hanger