At Walter Adams Framing, we love challenging projects.
Not everything works with a classic wood or metal frame.

The Project

Display an Andy Warhol paper Soup Can dress from the Campbell Soup Company.
The Challenge
• Display the dress in an enclosed structure.
• Protect the paper dress from UV light and deterioration
• Display the dress elegantly.

The Story behind the Campbell soup can dress

The “Soup Can” dresses that the Campbell Soup Company sold in the late 1960s were inspired by the Andy Warhol Pop Art series of Campbell Soup Cans. The dresses were a promotion for the Campbell Soup Company that drew on the paper dress fad and Andy Warhol’s popularizing of the soup can images.
The paper dress was sent through the mail after someone sent two Campbell soup can labels and $1.00. The dress was intended to be only worn once or twice since it could not be washed. Each dress could be cut to the needed hem length using the stripes on the bottom.
The rare find of this dress for this project was purchased at an auction.

The Solution

• A 44.5” by 22.5” plexiglass box was created using UV light protecting acrylic.
• A custom acrylic coat hanger was created to hang the dress. Rounded corners were used so they would not cut into the paper sleeves.
• Our client wanted the acrylic box to be hung on a wall, so we lined the back inside of the box with linen for added contrast.

Our client was thrilled, and we thoroughly enjoyed this challenge.

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